Editbox Works Weird in Mac

Editbox Works Weird in Mac
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I am doing a game for Mac store. I’m using cocos2d-js. I am in need of help with edit box issue.
When the window size is changed in Mac app (i.e.,maximised or minimised) the edit box position changes and it comes back to its original position until its been clicked. I am sharing the screenshots. Can you please have a check on it and provide me a solution as I’m stuck on this issue for long…

Mac version is 10.13.2


after maximise:


I wanted to show a demo video to make it more clear…
but I am not able to upload it here… Why is it so??


The EditBox is in general very very buggy and behaves weirdly, also in our game on Android. (UIEditBox - Android - Multiple Issues)
Maybe, we can raise some more attention on it.


I am sharing a video to make it more clear. Please have a check on it


Yes, we do need more attention on this.

@slackmoehrle Plz have a check on this.