EditBox: Disable emojis?

EditBox: Disable emojis?

Is it somehow possible to disable emoji support as input for iOS and android?


Could you parse strings and remove emoji combinations, __:-), ;-), etc, etc?

std::erase can do this.


Might need to do some platform specific on the keyboard…

Android probably has something similar

Thx for the answers :slight_smile:
Removing the emojis directly from the string will result in bad user experience as people will get confused when stuff is removed.
Ill try to modify it platform specificly as tdebock has suggested :+1:

oh, I see, this wasn’t clear to me, but I see now disable emoji support. So you don’t want people to be able to type them at all. LOL. my answer isn’t appropriate in this context. @tdebock has the right idea then. You could always make your own keyboard too. Simple tiles and each one when pressed add’s it’s designated letter to a string and the editbox gets refreshed. disable the OS keyboard all together.