Editbox android numeric keyboard space inside the keyboard issue

the screenshot attached is of a numeric keyboard of an editbox on an android device. as you can see there is a horizontal empty line between the keyboard and the space where the digits are showing. can this be avoided?

Does every Android device have this problem? Which your CocosCreator version?

hi ,
i think it is happening on all android devices. i am using cocos creator version 2.3.3 and 2.3.4.
please look into it.

In our tests, we didn’t find the same error as your problem. Which your test android device?

Could you please provide a demo that can reproduce the problem?

@yufang.wu, @zzf520,
i couldn’t reproduce the effect in another project. but in our project, the keyboard definitely has a space and also when we touch in the space, it is as if we touched outside and the keyboard disappears. i used nokia 8.1 to test my project, and like i already mentioned, i used cocos creator ver 2.3.3 and 2.3.4. please look into the problem.

I need you to provide a demo that can reproduce the problem. You can send it to my email: 337031709@qq.com.

You can strip the abnormal function from the project and test it.