Dragonbones - Error: Nonsupport data version

Dragonbones - Error: Nonsupport data version
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I’m trying to import dragonbones animation into cocos creator. I’m using 5.6 version of DB and 1.7 version of CC.

If DB export is done with 4.0 or 4.5 data version it works, but I have glitches in the animation. Trying to use 5.0 or 5.5 data version throws following exception in CC:

Error: Nonsupport data version.
at ObjectDataParser.parseDragonBonesData (…)

Please help :slight_smile:


I still have not found solution for >5.0 data import in cocos creator, but for anyone having glitches in dragonbone animation I recommend re-do armature structure in a way that one bone ends at the point when next starts. It is especially true when using IK.

Such approach cause animation to be properly displayed in cocos creator.