DragonBones 2.2 for cocos2d-x

DragonBones 2.2 for cocos2d-x

I made a tool DrgonBones 2.2 for cocos2d-x base on DragonBones2.2, it can export meanwhile a png file, a xml file and a plist file.

You can download it in my blog(in Chinese): http://zengrong.net/post/1915.htm
Or in Github: https://github.com/zrong/dragonbones-for-cocos2d-x

rong zeng, could you make a version for the recently DragonBones 2.3 version? I think there are a few changes on the code.

By the way, I think that cocos2d team must support this tool because is one of the best 2d animation tools and its MIT licensed.


In v2.3, DragonBones update its skeleton data format. It’s very different between v2.2 and v2.3. This is the details: https://github.com/DragonBones/SkeletonAnimationLibrary/wiki/Move-from-V2.2-to-V2.3

About CCArmature in cocos2d-x, according to my research, it migrates the DragonBones 2.1 form Actionscript3 to C++.. 2youyou2 made this, not me :wink: .

In practice, CCArmature has a little troubles, like this(in chinese): http://zengrong.net/post/1922.htm .

If I plan to support the DragonBones 2.3 in my tool. I must update the CCArmature to 2.3. It means I need migrate the DragonBones 2.3 Library to C**, what a enormous job!
I don’t know C** very much, authough I study it very hard, I’m afraid I don’t do it in 3 months.

Perhaps you can use CocoStudio ,it can import DragonBones files into the AnimationEditor. Please scroll down the page and look at the english description.

Good Luck!

I don’t know that CocoStudio could import dragonbones 2.3 data
In fact, I prefer DragonBones only because we can make an animation and export this animation with different scales. Thats the primary reason.

is this still working with the latest version of cocos2dx?