Dragon Bones in Cocos2d-x 3.12+

Dragon Bones in Cocos2d-x 3.12+


Why there is no more auto integration of Cocos2d-x and dragon bones? I’ve used it before, but with the last version I didn’t find how to integrate it, the last version of dragon bones is awesome, I know that cocos studio isn’t in development and the examples of dragon bones are mixed, but this tool is very good and in comparison with the other’s I didn’t found any weak point, only pros and it is free, spine is very expensive, I don’t understand why remove this, but anyway, cocos2d-x is awesome!


We have talked about doing this. I am not current on the status, however.

According to this it looks like it will make it into the 9/2016 release of Creator. Perhaps v3.14 of the engine.


dargon bones pro is useful, please integration it.


Nice! Thank you again!


Dose any one have alternative download link to dragon bones ?
i just can’t download it