Dragon Bones bug with LOOP_COMPLETE EVENT (CC 2.1.2)

Dragon Bones bug with LOOP_COMPLETE EVENT (CC 2.1.2)

I switched from CC 2.1.0 to CC 2.1.2 and I get this animation bug with Dragon Bones animation. When I set the event to get when LOOP_COMPLETE event is completed then I switch animation to some other one and everything was okay in CC 2.1.0, but in 2.1.2 I get a glitch (only on native mobile IOS/Android, in web version it’s fine) when loop_complete is called one second later than it should so the animation switch happens second later.


    extends: cc.Component,

    // giftAnimation dragon bone animation is set to play 'enter' animation on load in inspector

    properties: {
        giftAnimation: dragonBones.ArmatureDisplay  // DragonBones Asset

    onLoad: function()
        this.giftAnimation.addEventListener(dragonBones.EventObject.LOOP_COMPLETE, this.animationEventHandler, this);

    animationEventHandler: function (event) {

        if (event.type === dragonBones.EventObject.LOOP_COMPLETE) {
            // This plays some time later, so I get a little of beggining enter animation before it switches to idle that should play 
            if (event.animationState.name === "enter") {
                this.giftAnimation.playAnimation('idle', -1);

This happens in 2 projects of my that I upgraded to CC 2.1.2, was there any change on Dragon Bones API?

Thanks in advance.

@jare @Big_Bear @slackmoehrle

I tested this problem with version 2.1.2, There was no problem testing on the android system.
This is my test project. You can add loopComplete event snooping to it yourself.

Here you can see what is happening:

This is on web and the animation switching is correct : https://gyazo.com/07c2525105bc90d5eaebf1fa94d382ec

This is on IOS, where you can see when animation needs to switch I get a little of gift falling animation before it goes to idle animation: https://gyazo.com/54366681141a4830ca75ffbc67c303e9

If you need a sample project I can create it and send you to you for testing. As I said this does not happen in CC 2.1.0. , it started happening in 2.1.2