Draggable scroll bar

I’ve searched around on this, and the consensus seems to be that we can’t have a clickable scroll bar. It’s not critical, but definitely a nice-to-have, especially on Windows, so I was wondering if it might be possible to detect that the mouse is inside the scroll bar container and if so, reverse the drag motion direction from what it is now.

I’d like to try that, but I don’t know enough about how the dragging currently works. Where would I look to see how the touching and dragging is working, and whether I could reverse it when the mouse is where the scroll bar is.


Do you want drag by mouse scroll or by pressing & dragging scroll-bar itself?

Good question, keyboard or buttons is easier but depending on answer im sure we can help.

@smitpatel88, I already have the mouse scroll working, so I was thinking I’d like to add support for dragging the scroll bar. It’s not critical, just something that some people have asked for.