Drag and drop in dropZone

Hi all! Previously worked with Phaser now switched to Cocos Creator. Tell me if there is a class or node DropZone in the coconut. I am making a card game and I need to check if the object has been dragged to the drop zone. If the condition did not work, then return the card to the place from which it was taken.

You can refer to this demo to achieve the function you want:
Creator3.5.0_ScreenToWorldPoint.zip (12.4 KB)

I don’t think this is exactly what I need. :sleepy:
This is an example of what I did in Phaser and now I need it in Cocos.


There is no DropZone in Creator , but you can use :Node Event System · Cocos Creator and 2D Contact Callback · Cocos Creator to implement the features you want.

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