Drag and drop components in inspector

Is it possible to assign components with inspector? In Unity I can drag and drop my components to asssign serialized properties on a same node. I have problem with it in Cocos Creator.

Even if I can’t drag and drop it I still can’t assign it with search method. I have two components of same type on my node and in I can see only one in the search bar

Can you record a screen to show what you are doing on unity?

Hello, linrm!
Of couse
As you can see at picture I’m able to drag and drop first component A and assign it as “first” on component B

Currently creator does not provide this drag and drop feature, what you use this assign feature for, it can operate on two nodes?

Yes I think so
You mean I could make two nodes with component A and assign them in node with component B?

If this will achieve the results you want, then this is what is recommended.