Download and blog page broken

Please fix

@slackmoehrle Does cocos have any system that user can report broken link? Or just report it in forum?

There is a system, but not in the office I am in. Our Beijing office has a “command center”. Thank you for reporting it. Yesterday there was database moving happening and something has gone wrong it seems.

It seems Login is broken as well.

  • Steps to reproduce

Go to the forum and click the login, if you were not in the system then you will be redirected and must enter your login and password, then you will see
Server error. Please contact administrator.

  • But there is a workaround

Go to the forum again and again click on the login. After that you will be redirected, but without entering a password.

This is the same database issue I mentioned. The sys admin group is working on this.

Nice, I just wrote it for those who maybe cannot enter into their account now.

yup, I feel you. Thanks.

This issue has been resolved.

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