Doubts about online multiplayer game

Doubts about online multiplayer game

Greetings to all, I would like to make a Bejeweled game
or candy crush, with the option of being able to play a game between two people or maybe more and that you can also play alone

To do this kind of functionality what should be done?
Should a game be created to access via the web?
Should you upload to a platform in steam type or similar?
Or should an apk be created to install on each computer and that the app has the functionality to connect to any server to take user moves?

Can you give me a guide on how to do it please

Is there a trend about online games?

Thank you.

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Once you have a server and cloud, I suppose ideally, considering it’s elusive to find people playing candy crush on their PCs, you wouldn’t affliate it to computers. mobile distribution would be realistic.

@Mamoxinch Thanks for the comments there is an error in the question, it is not to install on computers, but on mobile devices, but with this I have three questions

Is it valid to create games in web version, this to avoid the consumption of space in the mobile?

If I want to create a multiplayer game, is it better to do it in a web version, or create a version that must be installed on each mobile?

To handle multiplayer, should I upload everything to my server or are there specialized platforms that can provide me with the service?

I think, you need to learn more about some basics first. Such as client server architecture, socket transportation, then study game related approaches such as real-time, turn-based, state sync, command sync etc and etc.

Then decide what would be the best for your game.

Thanks for the information, I will review the topics

Hi @pacear10

I’m making a multiplatform game called Super Mega Space Game!
I use free servers to keep player data and save data on the cloud.

They have a simple js api you can check here:

I’ve modified the api and used in my game to save/load data as key-value pairs, very similar to JS localStorage API.

I think it’s possible to make turn based-like games with that way.

Hope it helps :wink:

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