Dose coco2d-x HTML5 version support mobile devices?

Dose coco2d-x HTML5 version support mobile devices?
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I want to start web app development using cocos2d-x HTML5 version but on sure if it support mobile devices or not, according to some blogs it do not support mobile devices. second thing is When I use HTML5 lite version button to download HTML5 version it takes me to Cocos2d-JS download builder page so I am confused if both are same or different. if different where can I download latest version of HTML5 version.

also I want some sample to get started but it not available on cocos website. can some one suggest me some sample links to start with.



You should download cocos2d-x full version
After extracting, you can browse to children folder:
It is a html5 project. You can compile it to mobile app with this command:
cocos deploy
P/S: remember run after downloading to setup working environment.
Also you can check out this outdate tut:


It is recommended to use Cocos Creator. The html5 web app is supported in Cocos Creator.

It supports mobile web, web and native.