Does SpriteFrameCache support adding async like TextureCache?

Does SpriteFrameCache support adding async like TextureCache?
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I need to play an animation when loading resource. I cannot find async function in SpriteFrameCache. I want to use std::thread but I know cocos2d-x is not thread-safe. Can anyone help me?


You can use async load with TextureCache and when it complete, you add the texture loaded to SpriteFrameCache on callback function


You are right! Here is my fix code. Thank u so much!!

for (std::string file_name : {"monsters, items"}) {
  Director::getInstance()->getTextureCache()->addImageAsync(file_name + ".pvr.ccz", [file_name](Texture2D* loaded_texture) {
    SpriteFrameCache::getInstance()->addSpriteFramesWithFile(file_name + ".plist", loaded_texture);


Thanks @zhujiawei6000, it works fine, but to unload resource, i’m using this code:

auto textureCache= Director::getInstance()->getTextureCache();
auto spriteFrameCache =SpriteFrameCache::getInstance();

 for (int i=1; i<size +1; i++) {

     textureCache->removeTextureForKey(file_name+std::to_string(i)+ ".pvr.ccz");

But, the memory usage is not decrease after runnig the previous code.
Please help me.


let me ask so i can get it clear “monsters” and “items” are individual .plist and .png spritesheets right?