Does Cocos support ukrainian language?

In cocos i saw many language, but can’t find ukrainian? Can you help me?

What do you mean by ukrainian language support?
If you need to check if the current language of the device is ukrainian just do the following

if (Application::getInstance()->getCurrentLanguageCode() == "uk")
   CCLOG(" Слава Україні! ;) ");

@dotsquid має гарне рішення для перевірки

Користувач @Den сприяли підручник допомагає впоратися з декількома мовами теж.

Uhmm… nope, Google Translate is still far from correct translation.
Anyways, thanks for the link and for using my native language :wink:

I’ve actually been reading a few books and finding that Translate is horrible.

Can you tell me what Translate actually said?

Yes, that’s i mean. Слава Україні!

Something like:

@dotsquid has a good solution to check.
User @Den contributed textbook helps to handle multiple languages too.