Does Cocos Creator support different resolution assets?

Does Cocos Creator support different resolution assets?
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Hi there, I’m looking into Cocos Creator for an upcoming project and I was wondering if it can support different resolution asset files? I don’t mean multiple resolution display (I know it can do that) but I wish to have low res assets for lower end phones and high res assets for tablets etc.


My game has three sizes of Images. Multi-resolutions, multi-size resources

Not yet but it is in the plan, probably in v1.3


Many thanks for the reply. I’ll keep an eye out as it’s certainly one of the things I’ll need for my project.

Is there any plan for something like CC with C++ as that’s my preferred language


C++ support is planned but the specification is not finalized. Implementing a entity-component system in a scripting language is okay but if we want the same thing for C++ it’ll be tedious work and also means rework of the engine from bottom up.

So it’s probably something like this:

  1. Creator export scene, prefab and animation clip in a cocos2d-x ‘compatible’ data format
  2. Add Creator reader in cocos2d-x C++ engine


Thanks for the reply. I have been away from Cocos2d-x for sometime and it’s certainly changed a lot. However I’m still unsure of the preferred method of operation with all these Cocos Creator, Cocos Studio etc editors around - is there an officially preferred one that the Cocos2d-x team suggests people use?

EDIT: OK I just found the docs saying Cocos Studio is EoL’d. I am guessing that this means the only official supported system for Cocos development (Other than rolling your own everything in Xcode for instance) is Cocos Creator? If so then may I suggest multi-res asset support get’s a reasonable priority.


@nantas says it was to be implemented in 1.3 but I can’t see any references to this issue on the roadmap nor in the docs.

Are there any docs / updates on this topic?


2.5 years later. any updates on this?
is there exist any workaround?


We have c++ now…


thanks for the reply.
so java/typescript is not usable for the complete game creating?
should I use creator only for the making interfaces (like… cocos builder/studio), then export it to the c++, and then do the game as usual on the cocos2dx, right?
please, correct it if it’s wrong…


No you can use JavaScript for everything.
C++ can only be used by exporting the UI. Not a full development solution.

Up to you what language you want to use but you are right about c++


I dont’t understand how to use javascript for creating the game with multisheets/res for the different device sizes (1x, 2x, 4x). please, can you describe basic workflow to do it? or is there exist a rep with example?