Does Cocos 2.4.2 support Remote Asset Bundles?

I was reading the documentation on Remote Asset Bundles, and I saw in the configuration section that there is a checkbox for Is Remote Bundle,

But when I tried it in my Cocos Creator 2.4.2, I could not find the checkbox for Is Remote Bundle:

Is it only supported in Cocos Creator 3.0?

Also, just to make sure my understanding is correct, a Remote Asset Bundle is an Asset Bundle that I can store on a remote server that I can download from, is that correct? Or can I also store normal Asset Bundles on the server and download them the same way?

“Is Remote Bundle” also have in Cocos Creator 2.4.3

I tried it in Cocos Creator 2.4.3 and still couldn’t find the Remote Asset Bundle checkbox option, is there something else I have to change somewhere?

@c2yongkang The Target Platform inside your two pictures are different, please switch to Android platform in Creator 2.4.3.

Oooh I see, Remote is only for some target platforms, thank you

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