Dodge This - One Shot, Two Kills [HTML5]

Dodge This - One Shot, Two Kills [HTML5]

Dodge This is a minimalist physics puzzle, where you have to eliminate all the enemies with a single shot. There are 30 levels to beat.

Made with Cocos Creator, coded in Typescript, art done with Inkscape. The whole thing (code/art/design) took me ~50 hours.

Thanks for playing!

Cool!. Congrats on releasing. I’m fond of the color scheme.

Great game ! Makes fun to play. Best of all, its made with CC :innocent:
One thing i recognized. After playing til level 11, the music wasn´t in a loop scince level 6, i guess. I am on FF 64bit. Maybe you can check this out.

@slackmoehrle thanks. it’s not often that my programmer art is noticed :smiley:
@sledgehammer thank you. the music is not on loop on purpose. because it’s only 2 minutes long, i felt it would be too repetitive. but i guess i should leave the player the option to mute it if he feels so.

K…understand. But on the other hand, after level6 (or after 2mins playing) = no music anymore in the next levels. I think you can let the user descide :+1: