Documentation issues

I have been reading through the Animation section of the v2.3 Cocos Creator docs and I have a couple of issues to feedback. I tried using the Have Feedback? button (bottom-right) but got an HTTP 413 error.

  • Index of node data: “So, only one data copy of the same name node.” I don’t understand what that means.
  • Understanding the editor section 1 uses the term “last frame” when it should be “previous frame”. “Last frame” is potentially ambiguous as it could be the last frame of the whole animation.
  • The units of timeline explained. Talks about a colon between the frame and the number of seconds and then uses a hyphen as examples (i.e. 01-05 should be 01:05, etc.).

Thanks, I can get this fixed in the next docs release.

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Thanks. I might have been wrong about the colon thing as the Animation editor does show XX-XX, however I think that’s wrong and it should be XX:XX in the UI as well as that’s the format used in the timeline.