Documentation is missing on the main page?

Documentation is missing on the main page?
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On this page,

For Cocos2d-x, clicking on the documentation button opens a pages error 404.

Would you please correct it and please let me know the correct path to the documentation? thanks.



The docs are currently being re-deployed after some updates. Normally this is a quick process and no 404 would exist, but in this case I wanted to do a clean deploy.

They are back now.

Cocos Creator 404 documentation

I did not notice that posted the same link. I usually just type .

And @slackmoehrle Thank you for the update and clarification!


By the way, the documentation button for Cocos Creator is also showing 404 at the moment.


It must have still been copying


The documentation button for product cocos creator takes me to this page!


oops, I forgot a re-write rule. Doh! I will add it now.

I also went through these pages and updated the links directly instead of relying on rewrite rules.