Do you know Cocos Creator allows you to deploy games in other markets?

Do you know Cocos Creator allows you to deploy games in other markets?

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to ask, via poll, if developers realize that Cocos Creator can help you reach Asian markets with your game ideas? If you have ideas for mini games you can indeed deploy them to WeChat, Facebook, Oppo, Vivo, Baidu, Huawei, Xiaomi, QQ Play, etc? A lot of these platforms what to start an overseas market and attract developers to creating awesome mini games. This could be you!

Please help us to understand.

  • I KNOW I can create Mini Games for Asian platforms.
  • I DID NOT know I can create Mini Games for Asian platforms.
  • I WOULD NEVER plan to deploy to an Asian platform.
  • If a DETAILED PROCESS was written, I WOULD deploy to an Asian platform.
  • I have a comment, I will write it below.

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This is definitely interesting and something I was looking into. Are there any further details on this? I do not mind looking around if need be :slight_smile:

We write docs for creating the packages for each of these platforms: and we are adding the other platforms via a PR I am working on.

What I think we need to consider doing is adding to these docs to help more with the steps to publishing to these specific app stores. This is what we are considering doing.

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I didn´t know that. Very interesting and i would like to get in touch with the asian market. I guess there will be more info / links about it. Thanks.

What about cocos2dx (c++) and Asian markets? Would be really great if you could support us.

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This topic is Creator :/)

i’ve noticed that more platforms appeared in the build settings :smiley:

for me, the first hurdle is localization. at the moment, i would love to add FR-PT-ES-DE-IT localization in my games, but, obviously, can’t exactly afford it. adding asian languages is a…great additional challenge :slight_smile:

secondly, would it be possible to post some links to guides on how to publish for these platforms? that is, for english speakers :smiley:

We don’t really have a lot here yet. We need to create these guides. For now we just have a guide for building the app for the various mini games platforms.