Do I need to call sheduleUpdate on each object separately?

Do I need to call sheduleUpdate on each object separately?


I have a class derived from Node with update(float) hooks overriden in it. Does I need to call scheduleUpdate on each object of that class or I can make it recursive on Scene children? What is the reason to call scheduleUpdate on Scene if children can “receive” hooks if I simply call schedule on them not touching Scene?

If I want to run update on each child of given object should I override scheduleUpdate method of that class?

p.s. looking at unity3d each game object can receive lifecycle hooks by default when created. In cocos2dx programmer decide when run them on his own?


I do it for each class that need it.

Do you want the same update to happen in all objects every frame?


You need to make a base class with scheduleUpdate enabled… then use this base class for the children. You can override the children update method. but avoid redundancy… try to put as much as possible in the base class.


This is a great way except the base class must inherit from Ref at least I believe.


I already have done GameObject class derived from Node and Node private field in it to hack cocos2dx architecture adding an intermediate class between Node and Sprite/Label/…/etc. classes derived from Node and I have a lot of issues now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response


Do you do that in class init method? Not on concrete objects?