Display of properties in editor

Display of properties in editor


I’m trying to display my own properties just like cc.Vec2, cc.Size.
Has anyone tried to do this?
If so, can they give a link to an example.

Specifically, now I’m trying to make a one-minute MinMax.

What are you looking for is “Package” or “Extension”.
It is a little bit tricky and I am still trying to achieve something on my own.

There is a short tutorial for it:

Problem is that if you want to create a complex property you may need to learn Vue.js a bit.

Hi, hananht.

I have seen this become. However, there is a problem that there are errors in the series of these articles.

Plus, as you said, there is no direct answer to this question.
They proposed to create a panel. This is not what I need.

As I understand you need to create a custom property (with maybe custom design).
Please continue on the next section in the article. It will explain you what to do.

Please try this…

This example is used for сс.Сomponent.
The vector is just a сс.Class.
Do you have an example for this?