Direct download link for cocos code ide

I know we can download the IDE from the cocos store but somehow on my windows system, the cocos store fails to open and on mac system the download is extremely slow.

Can I get the download link for the windows version of cocos code IDE ( latest version ) ?


Cocos Code IDE 2.0.0 beta Windows

Cocos Code IDE 2.0.0 beta Mac

Cocos Code IDE 2.0.0 beta plugin

Cocos Code IDE 1.2.0 Windows 64 bit

Cocos Code IDE 1.2.0 Windows 32 bit

Cocos Code IDE 1.2.0 Mac


Hey Zinitter,

Thanks a ton.

I was trying to follow your instructions on how to create a project using cocos code ide 2.0 and framework version v3.7. Even if I followed each step that you mentioned, the project doesn’t even build.

I have opened another thread : Cocos Code IDE 2.0 Beta HelloWorld project doesn't run

Thanks a lot again

Do you have the link to the eclipse version of v2.0.0?

There is no such version.

Editor function will be merged into Cocos Studio in future and the development of Cocos Code IDE
has been stopped.

So has the editor already been merged into Cocos Studio? I cannot see it there.

I want to write games in Lua, and want to be able to edit and debug my code. Before I used Cocos IDE to edit and debug Lua code - now I cannot download it. How is the best way to develop applications with Lua?


The editor haven’t merge into Cocos Studio and Cocos Studio have no news recently.

I’m still using Cocos IDE 1.2.0 for develop and debug Cocos2d-JS v3.6.1.
Then test and publish the app with v3.8.1 by using Cocos console.

I can’t tell you what is the best way to develop application because i’m not familiar with Lua and different people have different coding style.

For Javascript, some suggest Webstorm

You can try ask or search in forum, hope someone more experience with Lua can give you some guide.