Detecting contacts from two different particle systems

Detecting contacts from two different particle systems

Is there a way in LiquidFun to detect contacts between particles residing in two different b2ParticleSystem objects?

Perhaps there is a Google forum for Liquid Fun?
Or maybe they have something on their docs?

I guess you could always subclass each particle and then make your subclasses line up with member variables that you can then decide what has come into contact and how to handle it.

I did this with some point data from different apis for handwriting recognition. I think the concepts could work for particles

LiquidFun hides the b2Particle from you, I can only delete and create and access some buffers but the b2Particle class is completely hidden.

When a contact is generated it uses indexes.

Every particle can have certain actions performed by a unique index in a b2ParticleSystem but there is no access to the actual particle container.

I tried their forums but it’s completely dead there :frowning:

Darn, ok, so that doesn’t help. Let me look at some examples more carefully.

Sure thing, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Just to be sure, have you looked at Ricardo’s example and the LF Programmers Guide?

I’m gonna start there and see what I learn.

Yes I read his tutorial numerous times and read the LiquidFun guide.

I’m not using Ricardo’s code, I’m using DrawNode for now which works pretty fast.
I want special shaders so I will write my own shaders in GLSL in the future.

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