Desktop build EditBox white input field

Desktop build EditBox white input field

Hi all,

When I create a Desktop build and click an EditBox, a white input field spawns above the editbox to show the entered text.
I noticed that the entered text is transmitted and shown immediately to the actual EditBox. So is there a way to hide the white input field? I guess it is there for receiving the events and stuff, but maybe you can make it invisible or something like that.


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@jare @Big_Bear Do you think you guys could help me here? :slight_smile:

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@Orlan @jare @Big_Bear Hi I have same issue in desktop build in EditBox an whit input field.
If you get any solution please let me know.

Hi,what’s Cocos Creator version by you use?

It’s that it?
You can clear the characters in the Placeholder property so that they are not displayed.

@zzf520 cocos creator v1.8.2

In version 1.8.2, you can also empty the Placeholder property to remove that prompt text.

@zzf520 Hi my issue is this, on win32 my EditBox display like this

but on Android, IOS and Web it look like this

so I want to remove this white color background which is coming by default on windows build.
Is there any way to remove/hide this white color.

There is currently no way to control the background of this white input box through EditBox. Because it belongs to the default input box for the windows platform.
I suggest you find the generation code for this input box in the project and modify its style.