Debug C++ code from Android Studio

Debug C++ code from Android Studio
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When i can debug C++ code from Android Studio?


I think already - there was topic describing it - but maybe someone else could give more details about it?


There is some info on this on sonarsystems website. Unless the situation has changed it’s no so easy using android studio to step into c++.


That’s all ? Nobody solve this problem for past two years ?


Hi, if you have time to check.

Look at this it looks like someone made C++ debug thru Android Studio, but p[roject should be compiled using CMAKE.


Hi @dsserega

i’m using this PR and i’m building and debugging with it already , most importantly i can do my development right in android studio. it’s just nice :relaxed:


Check this out:

I can debug java and c++ code as well as edit it directly in Android Studio. Console not required!