Dead link in Cocos2d-JS v3 tutorial

Dead link in Cocos2d-JS v3 tutorial
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On the following page:

The following line contains a dead link that serves a 404 Not Found error.

Please refer to EventManager for more details.


I’ll have a look at this.


FYI it is still dead


Thanks. I had forgotten to circle back. I’ll add this for my list tomorrow.


I’m also following this tutorial. I hope that it’ll be soon fixed :slight_smile:


I don’t want to annoy you but the problem persists.


I tried to mirror some of the content here:

Let me talk to the team and see what the plan could be to fix this better.


It seems cocos2d-js is not shown as one of products now.

Is js version is about to stop developping ?
I am afraid.


It hasn’t been separate since v3.7.


Thanks for your reply.
Does it mean C++ ver and js ver are not separated now since 3.7?



v3.6 and prior c++ and JS were separate.

v3.7+ everything cocos2d-x is combined in a unified download. You can use the cocos tool to create new project for c++, JS, or Lua.


Oh I am sorry. I had not read the saying “There are also JavaScript and Lua bindings included!” in the product page.
Thank you for your info!
I will try new version.


It worked ! Thanks.


Sorry for kinda-hijacking this thread but seems like I can’t create my own just yet and his is not too far away from my question.

Where are the tutorials linked here: gone?

Seems like they are not reachable anymore.

Thanks and sorry again.


Darn, I’ll contact Make School and ask for updated links.