Dark Way [iOS] [Android] - Unique concept

Dark Way [iOS] [Android] - Unique concept
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You have to reach your destination in each of the level while avoiding obstacles & pitfalls.
BUT the fun part is that you are BLIND in this game so you cannot see any platforms or pitfalls or obstacles.

What?? Finding strange? getting confused?

Don’t worry!

You have some magical balls & bullets in every levels.
Throw balls or fire bullets to get imaginary position of platforms / pitfalls / obstacles.
Use that wisely to find your way out.

Play now!
Play store : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.sarjak.darkway
App store : https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1217018280

Game play video:

Kitchen Chef 👨‍🍳 - Android - iOS

Looks promising. Imagine speedrunning this :smiley: You don’t have time to use a weapon, you just have to remember everything :smiley:


It is creative indeed. Good job!


Lovely Game…


very creative man,still haven’t seen something like it in the app store which is quite rare nowadays, downloading it now, gonna leave you a good rating


Thank you all for your response.
Enjoy. :slight_smile:


@smitpatel88 how do u write game? using c++ or js or lua? is it not Networked game? :wink: light_smile:


I write in c++ only using latest version 3.14.1
Its not networked/multiplayer game.


@smitpatel88 why not try creator( js), it support hot update… or your just like using c++ to write game code?


Well creator is really good but there are few reasons we are not using it.
Not having support of -> C++, custom Native implementation (JNI, etc), full core cocos2d-x support.
May be in near future we will use…?? :slight_smile:


@smitpatel88 the same to me,haha, Now I only use c++ to write game code. but if now transform to lua or javescript, so painful。


Cool game! The concept is kinda similar to a prototype I put together a while ago, but the game design is pretty different, yours is a platformer and mine was more about exploration and death isn’t a game mechanic.

Anyway best of luck with your project, it’s nice to see original ideas.


Can i see that game?


Hah, I’d love to show you but it’s broken, I was messing around trying to get dynamic lighting working and gave up. I’m not even sure I’d link it here if it did work because it was done with Pico-8. Mine was top-down though and you had a radius of light around you most of the time, so outside of making the player’s surroundings dark our two ideas were fundamentally pretty different.

Whenever I get the chance I’ll probably remake it again in Cocos Creator, just to see if it would actually be any fun to play. If I do I’ll definitely post it here.


Even i tried the same in this game.
If i get good response may be i will add as powerup or something. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile play my game and let me know what you think about it? is it fun to play?


I played through the first few levels and think it’s fun. You have a really good core gameplay mechanic that could be used to make extra levels or sequels if the game catches on in popularity.

My biggest gripe is that I had trouble registering some moves. For a game that is 1-hit death and demands precision jumps, that gets frustrating. Sometimes I would hit the jump button and it wouldn’t register, so I’d either run into an obstacle or fall to my death.