"DAR" -- turn-base strategy game with network multiplayer

Based on Antiyoy, Slay games. Game is ready for about 55%
On July 2020 I’ve added the network multiplayer (via Firebase DB).
Now I’ve added maps upload/download to Server; also users comments for the map (it was like coding a micro Facebook).

The problem: an user reports, after the start the game shows black screen and crashes (on Android 7).
Firebase Crashlytics does not show any crash at that time.
I need someone with device, crashing my game - to find the reason.



Interesting concept. Congrats. Keep pushing each release!

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Each release? Are you sure?

Ok, release 61: Alas no big update, jist now player can choose view of game screen: button colors, sea color.

Release 66: Alas no big update, just few hot-fixes.

Currently I am playing this mini militia multiplayer game with my friends and I am looking a game like this for my friend to play it together do you have any idea.

You can play this game last version (0.1.67); or you can play “Antiyoy online” – both for Android.

Is there any problem for you and your friends to play this game online?

Official release 69 (aviable on Google Play):
New game type “DAR” added; it has bubbles (with magic mana):
Now (with bubbles) you can modify all or selected unit properties:
defence range, move/attack range, number of attacks and number of moves per turn. Also wings (for units) added.

Nice concept, what were your inspirations?

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“Antiyoy”, of course! :slight_smile:

And “Antiyoy” was inspired by “Slay”.

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Sweet, any new versions planned?

I would love to do a developer interview with yourself discussing your game. It would be great for the community, let me know if that is something of interest to yourself.

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Yes. Now I’m finishing fog of war (2 types).
Then map preview should be finished.
Then - graphics and sound improvement.

Yes, it would be good. Especially as a background speech for video gameplay.

Look forward to the new changes.

You can email me at support@sonarsystems.co.uk and we can discuss the developer interview for my new podcast.

Official release 70 done; aviable on Google Play:
“Fog of war” and “Unexplored fog” added; also for network game.
Unit moves for network game added.

Could you send me a video of gameplay? I’ll add to our showcase for September. Sorry I’m late on this.

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Now there are only these two old videos; later should appear newer, with music, sounds and new graphics.

“Divide and Rule” (DAR) : first start.

“Divide and Rule” (DAR) : online multiplayer demo.

Official release 73 done; aviable on Google Play:
Music and sounds added.

Official release 74 done and aviable on Google Play;
What’s new: Graphics improved.

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Do you have a great gameplay video I can use for the showcase? Love to share.

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Please use this newer one. Thank you.

Does your game have sound?