[CUTE GAME] Cat'n'Robot: Idle Defense

[CUTE GAME] Cat'n'Robot: Idle Defense


The game looks cool, and is really, really addictive. Gadgets are really funny and the game itself just plays nice, good job :slight_smile:

The only thing I miss, that in many cases you cannot check what the upgrade will change, you can only see new stats after buying.


Thanks!!! Should i add info upgrade like Damage… 100 (+1) or 100( Arrow up 101)


That would be cool, now you are paying for the upgrade but you can’t make your decision what is worth your money - you know the price, but you don’t know the upgrade reward.


Thanks for your feedback.We will update in next update.Next update will release in next two weeks.Enjoy


Congrats! Cute game.
I wonder that How many people develop this game?


Hi thanks!!! My team have 3 members.We make this game in 10 months and still update it


Why is your text not low quality? Mine is very low quality and blurry.


The text is blurry, maybe it’s because you use bitmap font and scale it. I don’t have that problem at all.
I use truetype font. But I think it would be ok if you use bitmap font and don’t scale the text.


I didn’t use bitmap font or scale it. I have an unscaled TrueType font


Then, there’s something wrong with your font, I guess.