[CUTE GAME] Cat'n'Robot: Idle Defense

[CUTE GAME] Cat'n'Robot: Idle Defense


We release new game write by cocos2d-x.

Your kingdom are invaded by the monsters. Grow your cat warriors stronger, build your robot bigger to defeat the enemies. Simple, but fun to play, you’ll definitely be hooked by those epic battles.

Trailer Game



Hope you all fun when play.


is it multiplayer game ?

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We will add multiplayer feature after we complete all offline feature.But you can compare with another player now by leaderboard

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great work keep it up

Thanks.We still update this game.Hope you like and try it.Give me feedback if you want

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Congrats on releasing!!

Thank you!

A interesting game ! And I will rate 5* :grinning: to support you !

Thanks! We’ve worked on this project for 1 year. It’s so great that the game has been released :slight_smile:

Cute game, congrats. Very nice.

Hi. Cool game with simple control.
The gun icons is small to touch in little iPhones.
Can you tell me what ads service you implement for rewarded video ads?

Hi! Thanks! I think over 90% phone is large than 4 inch now.I use admob,chartboost and unity ads

Congrats! I like it. I gave you 5 stars :stuck_out_tongue: Runs smooth on Galaxy S4.

Btw. do you use sdkbox for GPS and ads or do you do it by yourself?

Thanks!!! We do it with ECS.So it will increase complex algorithm.But it run smooth.We feel happy.I dont use sdkbox.Only native admob sdk.It will bring local ads base on your country

Eh, damn you @genix_developer… I am playing this game for the last 2 hours instead of finishing my own project :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Im very happy to hear that.I will update game soon

I am going to start up our developer interviews again. Where we interview developers who put out games with cocos2d-x. Would you be interested in doing one?

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That’d be a honour for us. We’d like to share everything about our work. I’d be comfortable with a chat interview. Just want to let you know that my english is not very good.

A very positive step for community.

Thanks!!! We hope can share our work for community