Custom Video component

Custom Video component

The VideoPlayer component provided by Cocos Creator is a new layer above the game canvas, so other components (e.g. sprite, button) cannot display above the videoplayer. Is there any way to create a custom video component and render it on the canvas instead of a new layer so I can treat it like normal nodes?

an MP4 video url is given
able to put buttons on top of video
video is neither at the bottom or at the top

Zoom in to a particular area of the video but restrict the visible area to original size (if I can render it like other node maybe I can use mask to do this)


Did you find that component? Also very interested

You can go into the corresponding Video Player files for android or ios and disable/enable it. so other components will show above :slight_smile:


Line: 231 (in your cocos engine files set this to false)

I am not aware of how to do this for ios, I apologize.