Cross Platform Splash Scene

Cross Platform Splash Scene
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Hello I have been searching for a solution to create a correct splash scene that runs in the background
while all resources are loading.

I’m running into problems, i have tried to use AsyncTaskPool but I can’t figure how it works
I loaded all my resources and the sprite sheets but it is displayed as black sprites.

Can someone help me, thank you !

I’m in a rush I am releasing in like a week so please help!


Ok so i figured it out, but there is just one problem:
I figured out a way to load all my Resources while meanwhile my splash scene is displaying
but both android and ios do something which is not wanted and the problems between them
in general are the same but for android it’s not as bad.

On ios automatically if you provide no launch image it will use the app icon as a launch screen!
and it strechtes and is transparent i.e i can see the home screen in the beginning
once that loads AppDelegeate.cpp is now called and I can display my splash scene.
On android it just has a black screen so it’s not as bad

So I’m gonna have to do make spalsh screen as a luanch image for iphone and android
I will have to handle the .xml styles and stuff.
But everything works so i figured it out :slight_smile: