Creature 2D Animation Runtimes for Cocos Creator! (with video!)

Creature 2D Animation Runtimes for Cocos Creator! (with video!)


Hello all,

I am very pleased to announce CreaturePack runtimes for Cocos Creator!
This plugin supports advanced CreaturePack features like Animation Blending/Switching, High-Performance Gap Step + Delta Compression, Skin/Item Swapping and more!

In addition to that, we have worked closely with major studios using Creature in game production to make it ready for the Wechat Mini Game Platform. So the plugin is ready to be published for a huge potential audience of millions of users from day one.

Plugin here:

Video Preview:

A full video tutorial on how to use the plugin will be posted soon. Stay tuned for more details!



A full writeup on the process can now be found here:



Hi Jiayi,

Thank you so much. This is great. I still love your desktop app :slight_smile:



No problem! For your info, the CreaturePack Cocos Creator plugin is already getting used in full scale game production as we speak by a rather large AAA game studio for the Wechat Mini Game platform :slight_smile:



What a impressive plugin and animation tool ! Thanks for contributing the runtime plugin to Creator community.

What version does it support ? I notice that you are using a manually integrating process, have you been looking for the Creator extension system ?



Thank you for your interest in the plugin!
The version is using the latest downloaded from the website, so it should be 2.1.0 .

Is there some documentation on the extension system? Might take a look at it when I get the time.



You can refer to Editor extension topics in our docs, it’s true that we needed to add much more informations on extension development, but you can have a try when you are free


Sounds great, thanks for the links! I will take a look when I get the cycles!



Full Video Tutorial is now up: