Creator 3.3.1 Crash On Samsung A12 (Android 11)

I use Creator 3.3.1 to build mini game and release it on google play. Today I received error statistics coming from Samsung A12 (Android 11).

I used the existing template to build a new project and the result was the following error. (Samsung A12, android 11)

 CreateProgramShaderUniformBridge: recompiled revision contains on-opaque uniform which cannot be found in initial revision
 Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x10 in tid 21686 (RenderThread), pid 20655 (

Note: This error only appears when opening the application for the first time, or when debugging with Android Studio

I will ask engineering to have a look. Do you have a demo?

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Thank you for your interest. I would describe the error as follows.

1.First I create Project from CC template 3.3.1

2.Build project for Android with option to enable OpenGL 3, OpenGL 2, disable Vulkan

3.Configure build

4.Connection samsung A12 with Android studio and run. Then I got error message, app crash

Note: With this error, my game when downloaded from play store crashes the first time it starts. However, when I turn it back on again, it will run normally. All samsung A12 devices show this error. In addition, the error also appears on other devices OppoA93,OppoA94, they all use MediaTek Helio chip
Currently, this error of mine is warned by google console as very bad with a very high crash rate. Please help me get this terrible bug fix update, Iā€™m stressed and desperate about it, and my boss threatened to fire me and hire someone else to do Unity for the sake of stability. I have uploaded statistics here. Thanks, again.

Thank you. Engineering will have a look.

It is currently possible to avoid this issue by only using the GLES2.0 rendering backend. We will continue to troubleshoot GLES3.0 compatibility issues and appreciate the feedback.

After checking, I found that all devices with this error are using Mediatek MT67x chip

Thank you, problem solved.

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