Creator 2.4.3 Cordova Ios build issue

Cordova test project
We tried to build ios native build by packing web mobile build with Cordova. When we build Electron app all works just right. But ios build failed to load engine. Engine stucks loading builtins materials without dispatching any event. We tried to log onProgress callback, that callback is called several times, but onComplete did not called. Could you check this demo project? Cordova app is in build directory.
If force call builtins material completed callback in timeout after start loading materials, scene opens, but there is no splash sprite on the background, there is only label

Installation of these plugins resolved problem.

I compared ios jsb build and ios cordova build performance. In our project iPhone 6 jsb build has 24fps, cordova build has 40fps. So I recommend to use Cordova to build native apps.

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