Creator 2.3.0-2.3.1 camera rotation issues on Android

Steps to reproduce:
In a new project create a 3D camera, make it a child of another 3D node and give the camera some offset.
Rotate the camera’s parent from a script. For example, like this:

export default class CameraRotator extends cc.Component {

        cameraParent: cc.Node = null;

        speed: number = 35;
        update (dt) {
            this.cameraParent.eulerAngles = new cc.Vec3(
                this.cameraParent.eulerAngles.y + this.speed * dt,

You can see the result in the following videos:
Web Mobile

@slackmoehrle Could you check this issue?

We can ask @jare to have a team member take a look.

@slackmoehrle or @jare or something, please check this!

I’ll ping the engineering team on this issue.

Thanks for your report. How many cameras in total in your scene?

@SantyWang We have 2 cameras. The first 2D camera renders UI and lays in Canvas. The second camera is 3D.

Thanks, we have reproduced this issue, we will fix it asap

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@SantyWang @slackmoehrle guys, I wanted to emphasise that we are (TiniovyKit included ) actively using Cocos in our 3D project , so if you are interested, we can report more issues to you guys directly and contribute to your backlog.
we also can share pre-release prototype to you guys privately to show, how Cocos is working on a rather big 3D project.

Sure, Do you guys use any IM for communication?

Great, looking forward to see your case! You can still report issues in this forum, ping slackmoehrle at any time, we will take more time here. You can also submit issues to the engine repo (if you’d like that).

@SantyWang this bug is also reprodusing in editor simulator

thanks for the info, of course, we will keep on posting here if this is the best way for you guys. I’m observing that there is not much 3D users here, so our experience could be useful for you, don’t hesitate to ping us for specific questions and feedback.

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yes, please ping me with PM and I will share my whatsapp

Thanks for your report, we fixed it, maybe you can merge it to your game by yourself, and it will be merged into next version of creator.

Thank you too!