Creating custom android plugins for Cocos creator?

Creating custom android plugins for Cocos creator?
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After a lot of work understanding cocos creator now I have a new question I hope someone know this.
How do you create custom android plugins for cocos creator ?

For example I really want to use Flurry Analytics but I no have idea where to start?


Currently, the plugin system is not good enough. I am not sure if it is possible or not. Just move this thread to creator category.


But in Cocos2d-x we already have the JNI helpers using that we were able to start creating our own custom plugins.
I already know that cocos creator is still using cocos2d-x for the compile project, but right now I’m not sure if this project is using the old eclipse project or android studio, I think it’s using eclipse. Really hard to find information for this.


Hi @OscarLeif ,
Have you been able to figure out? i.e How to write custom plugin so that it can be used in cocos creator?