Create a rope that follow a sprite

Create a rope that follow a sprite
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I want to create a “snake like”; for this, i need a head to be a sprite that move & point toward my mouse (achieved), and a body that act like a rope !

Here is how my game should look like:

But i don’t know how to use the joint component, haven’t found any cocos creator docs yet…
So, do you guys know how to achieve that ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


To make a path, CatmullRomTo can be used but rendering like that seems not to be supported in cocos creator.

Anybody there to answer this problem?


I can’t answer the question, but the game looks nice so far. The little item cards look intriguing, and I’d like to play it once you finish! Did you draw them yourself?

Comment puis-je suivre le progrès ?