Crash on Node::convertToWorldSpace Mehtod

I am using cocos2dx-v3.17.2, ndk r21d, android studio 4.1.1. I am experiencing a crash on

cocos2d::Node::convertToWorldSpace(cocos2d::Vec2 const&)

My crash stack trace from firebase crashlytics is below image:

This crash is not DEVICE or OS specific, it occur randomly in any device but I can’t find the source of this crash thats why I can’t post my code.

In my project I used Node::convertToWorldSpace only in three files and each of them has a safe guard like

if (imgTaskRewardBar == nullptr || imgTaskRewardBar == NULL || imgResource == nullptr || imgResource == NULL) {
Vec2 iconOffset = imgTaskRewardBar->convertToWorldSpace(imgResource->getPosition());

But this crash is not solved yet.

N.B: This crash is top crash in firebase crashlytics and my game is decreased crash free users by 3% that is very high with respect to millions of users.

Please help me.
Thanks in advance.