Correct way of playing background music

Correct way of playing background music
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any help on what would be a correct way of keeping background music playing (creator 1.7.0) while changing scenes. My current “game” has two scenes “Menu” and “Game” and I use cc.director.loadScene to change scenes. I’ve tried:

  • Creating loader scene, in which I added AudioSource to nodetree and set loader scenes node as persistent ( Then changed scene to Menu … This caused black screen after initial loader, then audio played for few seconds and then it stopped

  • Adding empty node+audiosource to Menu scene and setting that node as persistent in onload method … Audio died when switching to game scene

  • Programmatically creating new node in Menu-scene, adding audiosource component to it and trying to set that node as persistent … didn’t work either.

I did manage to keep audio playing with this piece of code (basically setting window.audioplayer variable), but somehow it seems quite hacky:

properties: { song1: { default: null, url: cc.AudioClip } }
onload() { ...
var node = new cc.Node(); = "AudioPlayer";
var ac = node.getComponent(cc.AudioSource);
ac.clip = this.song1;;
window.audioPlayer = node;
... }


Hi @McFish,

I use the following in my Title scene:

    if (!GlobalData.TitleInitialized) {
        GlobalData.TitleInitialized = true;

        // Start music if Music is "On"...
        if (GlobalData.Music) {              
            GlobalData.MusicAudioID = cc.audioEngine.playMusic(this.musicProp, true);

In the Options you can enable/disable the music, here is code for the button:

    GlobalData.Music = !GlobalData.Music;
    if ((GlobalData.MusicAudioID == -1) && (GlobalData.Music))
        GlobalData.MusicAudioID = cc.audioEngine.playMusic(this.musicProp, true);
    if (!GlobalData.Music)

And when the game starts, the onLoad event of the Game scene:

    if (GlobalData.Music) {
        this.localMusicID = cc.audioEngine.playMusic(this.musicProp, true);

And finally when we go back to the Title scene:

    if (GlobalData.Music) {
        GlobalData.MusicAudioID = cc.audioEngine.playMusic(this.titleMusicProp, true);

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


Thanks for sharing @PZsolt27!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I made a little fix in the last piece of code, now it’s better.