Continuos integrations free alternatives?

Continuos integrations free alternatives?
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Hi there!

Just wondering whether there is any free continuous integration alternatives beside Travis-CI for macOS and iOS that your are aware of.



Why doesn’t Travis-Cl meet your needs? That is what we use internally. XCode Server has options too but I haven’t looked at it in quite some time.


Mainly because of the backlog, also it seems the problem has extended for builds running outside business hours in the Americas.


Maybe it’s not related, but we just using gitlab Ci. By events like push to master, yml script run the job of our build server with gitlub runner and python scripts, then package every assemble into artifacts.


I’ll give it a try @owlet, thanks.

I’m also trying out bitrise, although it seems the build settings are not exposed by default in the repo. What happens with bitrise is that one needs to create a wrapper .yml file that loads the .yml file from the repo, and hope that people could figure out by themselves what they need to do to enable the repo’s .yml file after they have forked the repo. Not and ideal situation for me.