Comprehensive game dev

hey guys,
am a frontend dev with 5 years EXP(angular/typescript), looking to start to learn game dev and
i am looking for a dev game video tutorial that rich in features like

  1. how to approach multiple scene patterns.
  2. How to combine multiplayer features.
  3. stuff like responsive objects, like simple shooting game where the enemy(the pc) can shot you and dmg you (for instance )
  4. Interact with NPC
  5. save game progress
  6. lvlup mechanism.

if any 1 have resouse - i will be happy to receive


I would consider using Cocos Creator and not cocos2d-js. Cocos2d-js hasn’t been updated in quite a long time.

yes, my bad. changed the topic related type

Maybe you could start with a topic at time.
that’s too many subjects, and there is not much tutorials for cocos creator.

you just want to study game dev as general right now or you’re already making a game ?

i looked for a full guide something that can “connect the dots”.
ty for your suggestion.

i am just start to learn but I have some game in mind I like to develop

For Cocos Creator:

Game Development in general:

You can learn the concepts used on other engines and then try to apply with Creator