Compile failure when using sdkbox shared

Compile failure when using sdkbox shared

Good morning, when implementing the functionality to share SDKBOX in an android project when compiling generates an error with the following information, do you know how I can correct it?

Cocos creator version: 2.2.0 (mac osx)
SDK BOX GUI (1.3.9)


Copying resources from program jar [/XXXX/.gradle/caches/modules-2/files-2.1/com.squareup.okhttp3/okhttp/3.4.2/ccde00f7ccc77af5a6d5752e2cb21f6d8998289f/okhttp-3.4.2.jar] (filtered)

Warning: Exception while processing task Can’t write [/XXXX/OneDrive/Rapido/apps/jsb-link/frameworks/runtime-src/] (Can’t read [/XXXX/.gradle/caches/modules-2/files-2.1/com.squareup.okhttp3/okhttp/3.4.2/ccde00f7ccc77af5a6d5752e2cb21f6d8998289f/okhttp-3.4.2.jar(;;;;;;;**.class)] (Duplicate jar entry [okhttp3/Address.class]))

Thread(Tasks limiter_1): destruction

Task :Rapido:transformClassesAndResourcesWithProguardForRelease FAILED

:Rapido:transformClassesAndResourcesWithProguardForRelease (Thread[Task worker for ‘:’ Thread 2,5,main]) completed. Took 17.383 secs.

plz only use one okhttp3 library.

Good Morning @yinjimmy ,

Since I must use a single “okhttp3” library, should I delete any file in a particular path?


Good Morning @yinjimmy ,

Thanks for the link, but it is not very clear how to use these commands, I have not installed anything manually, from the SDKBOX, install admod and compiled correctly, then install the share and the compilation fails.
I don’t know from creator coconuts how to exclude dependencies or force the use of a particular version, since you only click on a button to compile, I don’t see the option to put those commands by code

you need to use android studio or other text editor to edit the build.gradle.

Good afternoon, I apologize, the truth is not very clear how to solve the problem, I opened the file with “visual studio code”, but I did not know where to make the changes. Finally, from the “sdkbox” configuration file, delete the “Twitter” reference and in two other files too, the app was compiled correctly and the sharing function works, not this twitter, but it works for me that way. Thanks for the help @yinjimmy

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