Compilation error regarding webview static library

Compilation error regarding webview static library
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Hi, I tried to compile a very simple game today from cocos 1.7.0 and with Android 3.0.1 in W10. At first I got errors about memcmp not being defined and I had to manually add <string.h> header in 2 or so files. After that, I get this error from

Android Studio:

Error:(641, 1) fatal error: opening dependency file […]/build/jsb-link/frameworks/runtime-src/ No such file or directory

And from Cocos Creator:
C:/CocosCreator/resources/cocos2d-x/extensions/assets-manager/CCEventListenerAssetsManagerEx.cpp:98:1: note: in expansion of macro ‘NS_CC_EXT_END’
compilation terminated.

I’m completely stuck now.


Error was fixed by moving my folder containing projects from Documents to C:\ and using letters only for folder names.