Command "sdkbox update" generates folder "n/a" for cocos2dx-v3.17

Hello cocos-community,

I updated following sdkbox plugins from v2.4.0.1 to v2.4.0.2 via command sdkbox update:

  • unityads
  • sdkboxads
  • googleplayservices
  • admob
  • sdkboxplay
  • chartboost
  • iap

Everything has been updated successfully and works, but a directory named n/a at project root was newly generated.
See following screenshot:

I’m using following setup:

  • sdkbox version:
  • OS: macOS v 10.13.5
  • cocos2dx: v3.17

My assumption:
cocos2dx v3.17 does not have the directory android-studio anymore. Is it possible, that sdkbox puts the libs incorrectly in a directory named n/a (i assume it stands for “not available”) instead of ignoring it.

The first installation of the mentioned plugins (v2.4.0.1) via sdkbox import worked correctly (here: used sdkbox v1.0.1.35).

@yinjimmy can help

It seems your cocos2d-x source is 3.17 but:

~/test/cpp317 [master] $ cat .cocos-project.json
    "engine_version": "cocos2d-x-3.17",
    "project_type": "cpp"

engine_version in .cocos-project.json is another one.

Thanks for the fast response :wink:

I checked my .cocos-project.json. It looks exactly like yours (engine_version is 3.17).

I’ll try to reproduce it with a new cocos project when I’m back at home.

How to reproduce this issue:

  1. create a new cocos2dx-3.17 game:
    cocos new testSdkboxUpdate -p test.sdkbox.testSdkboxUpdate -l cpp -d /Users/test/Developer/cocos2d-x-testprojects/

  2. import a sdkbox plugin:
    sdkbox import admob

  3. update the imported sdkbox plugin:
    sdkbox update
    As the imported sdkbox plugin is the latest/current version, sdkbox will prompt “all packages are up to date”. So I had to manipulate the versions in .sdkbox_packages.json to be able to update (that way I don’t have to wait until new version of the plugin is available): Change all "version": [2, 4, 0, 2] to "version": [2, 4, 0, 1]

  4. The folder “n/a” will be generated in the project root:


Note: I’m still using following setup:
- sdkbox version:
- OS: macOS v 10.13.5
- cocos2dx: v3.17

Let me try.

fixed with staging server, and sdkbox version is v1.0.1.38:

sdkbox update --staging
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Tested successfully with sdkbox version

Thanks for the fix. Keep up the good work!