Colyseus Multiplayer Client for Cocos2d-x

Hi there!

I’d like to announce that Colyseus finally has an official client for Cocos2d-x!

If you’re interested in developing multiplayer games, you may find this server and client library useful. So far the library was tested only on mac target, but it should run on all cocos2d-x supported platforms! If you find any problem just create an issue on Github, or ask about it on our Discord channel!

Simple demo

This demo uses the state_handler room, from the official examples repository. (You can check more links in the description of the video.)

About the project

Colyseus is an Open-Source Authoritative Game Server for Node.js. It has a server state sync mechanism designed to be simple to use.


Hey everyone!

I’ve recently released version 0.11 of the Colyseus framework, along with an up-to-date Cocos2d-X client - which includes the new decoding algorithm! Migration guide to the new version can be found here:

Here’s how the client-side code looks like using Cocos2d-x:


thanks for share,
so cool,
we can support cocos creator ???

Yes, It has javascript/typescript client api.

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I need it <3