Collision of a certain layer of the map editor, tiled map .tmx

I created two layers in the map editor. “Ground” and “Decoration”. I added the TMX file to the “tiledmap” in Cocos Creator. It is a Mario-style platform game. I add the “physics polygon collider”, I click on “generate points”, it doesn’t work. The player is falling down.

How to make the player collide with the “ground” layer?

I’ve looked at all the topics on the subject, but to no avail.

I use javascript. Images:

I already called “getPhysicsManager”.

onLoad () {
cc.director.getPhysicsManager().enabled = true;
var manager = cc.director.getCollisionManager();
manager.enabled = true;
manager.enabledDebugDraw = true;
manager.enabledDrawBoundingBox = true;


Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 03.56.48
In Project Setting you can config collide map like this

I already made this adjustment. The main problem is the points of the “physics polygon collider”, they do not adjust according to the ground. See the image:

We are making a video on tile maps. Let me ask when it will be ready.

It will be of great help. I look forward to it. Thanks.