[Collaboration] Trade graphics for coding?

[Collaboration] Trade graphics for coding?
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I’m interested in offering graphics work as a trade for code.

Currently I’m learning C++ and though I’m somewhat enjoying the steep learning curve, it’s inefficient. I’ve got about ten years of commercial experience using photoshop and illustrator so graphics are my comfort zone.

As a start would you be willing to give an hour or two coding towards a simple multiple choice quiz app? In return I’d give an hour or two towards whatever visual design/graphics work you need. If this works nicely, perhaps we could collaborate longterm on various projects…

I’m in England (Midlands/London) but you could obviously live anywhere!


Hi, I’m in the same position as you except I know more about C++ than graphics. So would this game be a joint venture when it goes to store? it’s only that coding usually takes much longer than graphics for any decent sort of game. Also do you have a design for the game or is it you just want to build a quiz app to learn the ropes? I’m based in Cambridge so maybe not that far from you :slight_smile:


Morning Katie, will respond in full by PM…


I replied to your email.


I am interested in collaboration as well .
I am a coder and graphic artist .
You can check my game here: